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They are made from a light, breathable fabric and have flatlock seams and an inner silicone band for a tighter grip of the arm.

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Made from a comfortable fabric and having a functional design, they are the perfect choice on those cool summer, spring and autumn days when a long-sleeved jersey seems a bit too much. It provides essential protection against sunlight owing to its anti-UV treatment.


There is an old legend about a large school of golden Koi carp that were going up the Yellow River in China, gaining strength as they swam against the current. But when they reached a waterfall at the head of the river, many of the Koi, frightened, turned back and let the river carry them far away. However, a small group of carp refused to give up. Jumping from the bottom of the river, they tried to reach the top of the waterfall, all in vain. Their attempts attracted the attention of the local demons, which made fun of their efforts and mischievously used their magic to make the waterfall taller. Unperturbed, the Koi redoubled their efforts. After one hundred years of fight, a small Koi reached the top of the waterfall with an heroic jump. The sky spirit smiled in approval and, in acknowledgement of its perseverance and determination, turned the Koi into a golden dragon, a symbol of power and strength.

The Koi’s ascent to the top of the waterfall means ‘having success in life’. Nintai is the Japanese Kanji symbol for perseverance.



COMPOSITION80% Polyester, 20% Elastane
PROPERTIES• Light, soft and compressive. • Highly breathable, wicking fabric. • Treated for moisture control and antibacterial properties. • Anti-UV, Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF): +35
FINISH• Flatlock seams to minimize rubbing. • Inner silicone fastening band for a tighter grip on the arm.
CARE• Do not dry clean. Machine wash (30 °C) • Do not use bleach or softeners • Wash separately from dark clothing and inside out • Do not leave the garment wet • Hang it stretched to dry • Do not rinse • Do not tumble dry • Do not iron
EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR GARMENTS• Fuzz balls appear as a result of abrasion from use and/or washing conditions. Avoid riding on embroidered saddles and prevent your garments from coming in contact or washing them together with articles having Velcro strips • Sunscreens and warm-up products accelerate the deterioration of textile fibers

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They are made from a light, breathable fabric and have flatlock seams and an inner silicone band for a tighter grip of the arm.