We are Raquel and Blanca. We are adventurous, curious, mothers, workers… and a thousand other things. But together we are EVE, a big dream that we had over a year ago while talking about our passion: sport. We discovered that we shared the same interest in sportswear for women, particularly in relation to some of the sports we practice: cycling and triathlon. We realized that there were hardly any products on the market we liked. We also felt our identity as women went beyond pink, which was the predominant, almost exclusive color in all designs.


The desire to redefine sportswear and sports accessories for women was born here: the challenge to create designs thanks to which to feel both feminine and comfortable, in essence, ourselves. Designs that would inspire and motivate us during every step, every pedal stroke, either competing or just training. To make them available to all of us.


We then started to play around with the idea, sketching it in our heads, experimenting with the first drafts of the garments, which started to grow in number at the pace of our passion, dedication, and conviction, until they became collections with their own individual identity. Before we knew it, our dream was taking shape on its own, going from something impossible to something inevitable. Hence, excited, we asked ourselves: WHY NOT? Believing that you would be here and now with us, reading these lines, sharing this same interest, gave us the strength to chase away our fears and leave room to live our dream.


 EVE, because she was a woman: the origin of life. She represents the natural beauty we aim to capture in our designs, the vitality and self-worth in all of us. The strength that stems from an indomitable will–something which is also reflected in our logo, which is inspired by an old symbol of power.


Our Collections are limited editions, inspired by a passion, a challenge, an EVE woman. We carefully develop each garment, striving to bring a personal character to all of them, aware that they will be with you at all times while training or competing.

Applying to our work the same philosophy we follow in training helps us to grow and improve every day.

There is a part of us in this dream, but also of those women with whom we have shared training sessions, trials, and dreams, those women whose challenges and interests we have looked for on blogs and discovered on boards. And we would like it to keep growing with a little bit of you.

Nothing would make us happier than to run into an EveSportsWoman on the road, on a mountain or on the street. Take EveSportsWear with you. Be an EveSportsWoman.